Opinion | Trump on Hydroxychloroquine

To the Editor:

Re “President Says He Takes a Drug Deemed a Risk” (front page, May 19):

I am a physician and a retired 31-year veteran of the National Institutes of Health who specialized in the clinical trials of anti-infective agents. President Trump’s use of hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid-19 infection without any clinical evidence of its utility is dangerous and will cause untoward toxicities, likely including death, in some people following his lead.

He needs to be strongly criticized by the medical community for this reckless action.

Michael A. Polis
Bethesda, Md.
The writer is a fellow of the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

To the Editor:

There is much that is perplexing and disturbing about Donald Trump’s statement that he is taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid-19. The most obvious is that he is using his bully pulpit to say he is taking a drug that has been deemed ineffective and potentially dangerous by medical experts. He may lead others to try the drug and be made ill by it.

If he doesn’t get the virus, he can say that the drug helped to prevent it and show that he knows more than the experts he so abhors. He also may be trying to get others to take the drug to make money for the company that manufactures it, or he may simply be trying to create more chaos.

And is he actually taking the drug? When we have a president who is a serial liar, there is just no knowing.

Linda Schechet Tucker
Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.

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